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17–19 november 2020
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Tuesday 17 November

Value Drive: which policy agendas should we move forward?

12:30pm - 1:30pm

Meeting 1 (presented by JUMP)


Discussions about the fair remuneration of creators and other rightsholders for digital content are almost as old as MP3's. But the pandemic has further exposed the fragility of music's ecosystem f, causing a new wave of 'indignados'.
How can we drive value up for all stakeholders?

It would appear that the central element of the so-called "value gap” can only be resolved on a political level. The EU copyright directive with it's article 17 is one initiative, where are we at on the directive and its implementation?
What other activities are underway in the EU, UK and US?
Having seen everything change (from CD to streaming) at the consumer end of the value chain, have we seen similarly dramatic changes in the business models that underlie the industry?

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Tuesday 17 November