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17–19 november 2020
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Tuesday 17 November

The music industry and another meaning of diversity

5:15pm - 6:15pm

Meeting 1 (presented by JUMP)


Diversity is not only a term referring to social values like gender or skin colour. Diversity can also mean an international, balanced and accessible business landscape in which the broadest range of players can co-exist and the most diverse music can build strong fanbases. The landscape has changed already, from a very few gatekeepers to all sorts of setups; from artist owned projects and joint ventures, to the most varied investors in music rights, and totally intertwined relationships between indies and majors.
So, what are the innovative scenarios in Italy and worldwide? What beneficial opportunities are on the horizon for artists and their repertoires, as well as the businesses around them?

The Canadian presence at Linecheck 2020 is kindly supported by the Embassy of Canada to Italy and the Department of Canadian Heritage

Also supported by Digital Music Days / Merlin

Quando si utilizza il termine "diversità" non si fa unicamente riferimento al suo valore sociale in rapporto al genere o all'appartenenza etnica. Con diversità si intende anche un panorama imprenditoriale internazionale ed equilibrato in cui anche gli attori più diversi possono coesistere e rispettarsi a vicenda. Il panorama ha subito dei cambiamenti: da pochissimi gatekeepers a ogni sorta di setup; da progetti di proprietà di artisti a joint venture e relazioni intrecciate tra etichette indipendenti e major.
Quali sono gli scenari innovativi e futuri in Italia e nel mondo? In che modo la pandemia influenzerà tali sviluppi? Inoltre, quali opportunità ci saranno per gli artisti?

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Tuesday 17 November