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17–19 november 2020
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Wednesday 18 November

The end of Magic: Algorithms and Analytics in A&R and Booking

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Meeting 1 (presented by JUMP)


The transformation of the traditional production and distribution system in music continues at an incessant pace, dragging along many professional figures whose roles are destined to change or perish. The human sensibility of untouchables figures - A&R, artistic directors, booking managers - is now questioned in favor of the perfect objectivity of algorithms and analytics. However, algorithms have proven to be more beneficial to those who have already achieved critical mass in their fan base, rather than the new, up-and-coming talent. So, what is the place now for the unexpected, the surprise, the outsider and the leftfield? Has the technological capacity to steer business choices in a bottom-up logic, based on public taste, overcome the magic of human intuition? Are data-driven decisions a threat or an opportunity for the music sector?

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Wednesday 18 November