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17–19 november 2020
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Wednesday 18 November

Metadata ain't metaphysics

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Meeting 1 (presented by JUMP)


The future of music distribution comes down to two words: Metadata matters.
In the digital revolution era, when music is increasingly enjoyed through streaming services and platforms, music metadata is fundamental as a collection of information that pertains to a song file, in order to identify, label and present audio content. It is used to attribute the song credits you find on services like Spotify or Apple Music, and so many others. That information needs to be synchronized across all kinds of industry databases to make sure that when you play a song, the right people are identified and paid. The system is still far from being straightforward, yet, important steps have been taken in the right direction. But what’s the current best practice to keep your databases in order, and what business standards and opportunities are on the horizon?

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Wednesday 18 November